Well, That Didn’t Work Out At All

There was once a time that I tried something that just didn’t come out the way I wanted. (I mean, this wasn’t the only time, but this was a strong one.)

It was in the summer of 2005.

I was an AmeriCorps*VISTA volunteer for the Red Cross (for those who don’t know, AmeriCorps is a service organization, like the domestic Peace Corps) and I had the opportunity to lead a group of five summer workers.  I had envisioned us being, like, a team of six, going into the community and teaching disaster preparedness courses to lots of kids and other community players, connecting organizations and people to local the Red Cross, and especially doing outreach to the migrant Latino community that comes to Southern Illinois.

This didn’t work out at all.

I didn’t really know much about leading.  I didn’t communicate this vision very well, we didn’t have goals, and I had a hard time talking to the girls. I think they were bored a lot of the time, and resented having to go to the county fair and to Hispanic events.  It got to the point where we could barely speak to one another.

I think a lot of the responsibility for this breakdown rested with me, and it was a good learning experience, but overall, just a “summer bummer.”

In fact, that whole year is something I’m glad I did, but I’m especially glad because it’s over. 🙂

Okay, your turn.

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