How Do You Know I Love You? I Make You Chai

My husband Cohiba is the most dear person in the world to me, and I say it often to him, just so he doesn’t forget. There are ways to convey your love to someone (and if you bring up the stupid Extreme song More Than Words… Just don’t.) These are 8 gifts I would give him to would convey my love.

1. My bee-bee. (Don’t mock. I still have a childhood blanket.) I have double vision and when I’m reading in bed (and my glasses are off) I prop bee-bee under one eye to keep it closed. I also use it to block out light when I’m trying to sleep. Sometimes, Cohiba uses it for that, too, and sometimes we share it.

2. A thermos of homemade chai.  He loves my chai, and I make it special for him sometimes.

3. The last half of my popcorn or cookies or soda.  I am not a good sharer, at least I wasn’t before him, but I’m better now.  You know how “a worry shared is halved?” Well, “a blessing shared is doubled.”  (I just made that up, but it seems to be true with him.)

4. Something Deadpool. He loves that character and I don’t know much about him; don’t care to. Same thing with skiing – I’m not into it, though he is.

5. A glass with ice in it when he comes home with dinner.

6. A handmade something, like a hat. I was knitting him a beanie for the better part of a year, and then I forgot about it.  I just got it out and fixed it up for him, and he really liked it.  He preferred the knit stitch to the crochet stitch ’cause it’s warmer, and he’s a computer hacker who likes to wear beanies.

7. A packet of letters. I went to Mexico for a class for a few weeks in ’09, and before I left, I wrote him a letter for every day I’d be gone.  I told him, though I would understand, I would like him to wait until the day of each letter to read it, and he did!

8. A Batman bathrobe, (I hope it sends that message)  He loves bathrobes, he loves Batman, and I’m giving him one for Christmas. (He doesn’t read this blog.)

What about you? What “things,”  either purchased or handmade, convey your feelings for someone?

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