Third Trimester Lessons

Evelen Charlotte's here!
Evelen Charlotte’s here!

To complete the Trimester Lesson Trifecta, (Parts One and Two) I am now posting (after Wee One was born) some lessons I learned in the third trimester.  It was easier than the first, though harder (read: less comfortable) than the first.

I was bopping along fine, albeit a little big until she dropped, about a week before she came. That was the big physical shift for me.  I started getting tired, lost my energy, had pain in my pelvis that really irritated my ability to walk.  I had planned to work several days the week of my delivery, but after two days of her down low, I was like: My time is up.

She grew super fast. Even my maternity clothes were too small.

That swelling in my hands became such that I still have numbness, three weeks after her arrival.

People’s comments got more and more ignorant.  I had a woman come up at lunch time, took one look at me and said, “Hello big belly!” I was like, “Really?”

Then, of course, the end of the third trimester meant her arrival, which has been great, so maybe this one was the best. 🙂

Okay, your turn.

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