First Trimester Lessons

Wee One is about this size right now.
So, I’m seven weeks along right now, almost eight.  One month left in this first trimester.  I had my first bout of nausea last night/this morning, and I’m hoping that’s as bad as it gets. There are some things I’m appreciating during this time, the time that so many women call magical.

1. Did it take getting pregnant to finally quit kicking my own ass about my body?  I’m not criticizing it so much.  It’s like I’m giving myself a pass for my belly sticking out a bit or for not exercising in spare minutes. I could be a slave driver to myself, and that sucked.
2. It makes any kind of exercise I do that much better.  I’m helping myself now, it will help me later, it will help Wee One.
3. It also makes everything else I do, exercise and all, so much more epic.  “Woman advocates for clients in court while gestating.”  “Woman bicycles 20 miles while creating life.”
4. Finally, I find it’s helping mindfulness practice, that is, taking things one day at a time.  I am, off and on, freaking out about everything.  “How will I… Can I really… What if Cohiba….” ad nauseam. But I don’t need to know how to parent a toddler right now.  I just need to know how to be pregnant. That’s all I need in this minute, some sleep and ginger tea. I can handle that.  Later on, when I need… ugh, all those things I don’t want to think about needing, I’ll handle that, too.
So far, so good.

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