Top 10 List of Things I Can Do One-Handed

I recently began a new career as a stay at home mother with a two month old and I spend a lot of time with her in my arms. Necessity is the mother of invention, and out of necessity, I have become proficient at accomplishing a number of tasks one-handed. Lest you wonder what’s possible, I have taken the liberty of writing them down for you! They’re backward in order of approximate difficulty:

10. Unload the dishwasher. You do this very slowly. May break a dish, but the others are put away.

9. Put away groceries. Also very slowly and probably not very well.

8. Pull clothes out of the closet.

7. Put on pants (depending on their complexity!)

6. Unwrap and put a mini pizza in the oven.

5. Prepare a soda with ice.  I can’t bend over to pick up the can. Though, I have to squat-slowly.

4. Peel a banana. You have to use your mouth, which means you taste the actual peel, but still.

3. Move dirty dishes from the living room to the sink. Be careful not to drop any of these, particularly if there is still food on them.

2. Make coffee. But not if I have to grind the coffee beans. Then it’s impossible.

1. Use the restroom. This is extremely challenging, but sometimes a mommy’s bladder and a baby’s stomach are at odds with each other’s schedule. Necessity indeed.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 List of Things I Can Do One-Handed

  1. Boy, this brings back memories. I forgot about all the things you have to do one-handed while lifting a 20-lb+ weight in the other arm. 🙂 I always found brushing my hair with one hand to be difficult. Silly, but true.

  2. So here’s a marketing opportunity, for an invention which can take the form of a nice strong clip, attaching to baby by means of a comfortable harness. In this way you provide a sort of extra hand for those dishes and cans. I see endless potential!

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