“Don’t Be Sad That It’s Over, Be Happy That It Happened”

I’m not normally one who embraces such an idea when a big change happens in my life, but it’s been going through my head a lot in this last week before we move.

Cohiba is in Seattle right now, already having started his new job. He’ll come back so we can finish the Faire season and then I don’t have to fly with the baby by myself. The whole reason we’re staying this extra week is because I insisted we had to finish Fair.

I’m saying goodbye to friends and a city that’s been my home for 30+ years. A city I know well.

I wrote that last week, and I just landed in Seattle. It’s hard to remember this sentiment when I think about what I’ve left, like my Ren Fair friends or familiar bike paths.

It gets easier, though, when I think about the move in the context of an adventure. This quote in the title has meaning as I count myself lucky for the things that have happened. It clears me to be open to more to be happy about.

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