How I Procrastinate? I’ll Tell You Later

When shit gets heavy and there is a lot to do, I am very good at bearing down and prioritizing the tasks and working myself to the bone to get it done.  Key example: Finishing grad school while working full time.

When I want to put something off, I have trouble doing so.

I just don’t like to put shit off. I mean, I do for a little while, but then it just bugs me because I know it’s hovering over me and there will be consequences that will suck or be inconvenient.  I just don’t like it.

However, things that help me put things off are other, lesser important tasks.

  • Need to mail out the rent?  Can’t do it! I’m finishing this painting for the Wee One’s baptism! (More on that later.)
  • Need to vacuum?  No siree I’m crocheting this gift for my mother for Christmas!
  • Need to do dishes?  Can’t! I need to update this blog!

You get the picture.  Things that help me procrastinate are other tasks that are more enjoyable, though less pressing.  And my iphone helps, too.  Facebook and the games.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Now? Later!.”

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