Are You An Ear Hustler?

Do you ear hustle?

That was what my client’s called eavesdropping, and I did it a lot with them. My job was to get people to tell me shit they didn’t want to tell me, so I employed any manner of tool I could get.

If I got a feeling that something was weird, I would either stand nearby discreetly or I would keep walking and stop behind the nearest door or pillar. I got a lot of information that way.

Like this couple at the end of the counter. It sounds like a first or second date, a “getting to know you” conversation. I heard her talk about her upcoming divorce, and the man is leaning into her space, whispering sweet nothings.  She’s not leaning into him, she’s not even looking at him, so she may not be too into it. Op, there they leave together.

When I do it outside of work, like at a pub, its more for fun, to play with ideas and spin quick little stories.

Does anyone else do this?  (I really hope someone says yes, otherwise I feel like a really big creep.)

(Sidebar: in the comments of this video, someone had posted this comment:

“BUT I’M A CREPE I’m a weird dough WHat the hell am I doughing here ? I donught belong here.”




One thought on “Are You An Ear Hustler?

  1. Well, I won’t go as far as to stand behind a pillar, lol. But I am definately interested. Trying to figure out the relationship from how they act, trying to find out what country they are from (when I’m on a holiday in let’s say London). Trying to imagine what someone looks like when I only hear their conversation on a no, you’re not a creep. Unless we both are, haha!

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