10 Best Things About Traveling Solo With A Baby


This one is going to be hard to write.

The Wee One and I are flying to be with my folks over the Christmas holiday, and then flying to be with Cohiba’s family over and into the New Year. This is not normally how we do holidays, but this is the way it has to happen this year. She and I leave on Friday, and I’m quite anxious about the trip out.  In light of that, today’s Top 10 Tuesday focuses on the good things about being alone with a baby when traveling (flying).

Because, flying with a baby, even with a partner, is a feat.

I used to think I was a badass because I traveled solo. For a woman, this is scary and empowering. After a trip I took with the Wee One in October, I learned that true badassery is traveling solo with a baby.  I never realized how many assholes surround me until I settled into a tight little window seat and heard the comments around me. In the interest of full disclosure: I used to be one of those assholes and I put some serious negative energy out into the ‘Verse. Not anymore, and you can help me counter that negative energy: If you see someone with a squalling baby and they’re trying to meet the child’s needs, even when it inconveniences you, show mercy.  That could be me.

But on to our top 10:

  1. I get to board first. It feels really cool to get on the plane first, even before first class.
  2. Despite what I said above about assholes, there are kind people, too. During my last flight, there was a South Asian man sitting next to me, squished in between me and the Wee One, and one of those men who should have had two seats. He was just sitting there with his eyes closed, and I jostled him, and she kicked him, and she was screaming at some points. He picked up some things I had dropped,  and when I wanted to get up to change her, he made sure the armrests were up so I could scoot out without problem. He made SUCH a difference on that flight and I fell over myself thanking him.  He kept shaking his head and saying it was no problem. At the end of the flight, he gave me a small smile and simply said, “I’m a family man myself.”
  3. Its okay to leave a mess. Not that I try to, but babies leave messes, and flight attendants and wait staff curse me less when I’m alone with a baby.
  4. People smile at seeing the baby. This is pretty much whenever I’m in public, but it seems especially important when at an airport, and those people are from everywhere. It’s a universal unifier.
  5. I walk off the place feeling powerful. Like, if I can handle the screams, feeding, diapers, entertainment, nursing, napping and still have my sanity, I can get through anything.
  6. Its fun to find new ways to entertain her. Or if nothing else, lift her up to look at people and watch the glee on her face. Just don’t lift her so hard or fast that you smack her head on the overhead bin. Not that I’ve done that.
  7. It lets me flex my parenting style, which reminds me to not judge. I do things with her when I’m traveling that I wouldn’t necessarily normally do, not because they’re bad, but because I have the time and resources to do something else.

Okay. This was all I could think of.  Were there good things you enjoyed about traveling alone with your kids/babies?



3 thoughts on “10 Best Things About Traveling Solo With A Baby

  1. oh boy! this was perfect timing. I happen to be travelling soon with 3 young kids(6 yrs, 3yrs, 2 months) for a straining journey of 12 hours. Excluding the airport sitting hours and all. And yes, i will definitely feel like a badass once I land. That and possibly a totally delerious hyperventilating wreck.

  2. These things are buried so deep in my past now I can’t properly recall them, but I do remember a long train journey with one of my sons as being an unreasonably negative experience, mainly due to the intolerance of those around us.

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