Weekend Coffee Share #25


If we were having coffee, we would actually be drinking beer. In a crowded and smoky pub. I went camping last night and just got back. Actually, I didn’t go camping. I went, and had even gone to bed already, but was so very cold I couldn’t stand stay the night.

My poor Wee One, I put her to bed and she slept a little bit, but then she woke up and started crying. Cohiba tried to soothe her and the only thing that worked would if he held her. When he got up, she started crying again, and he asked me to stay with her. I was annoyed with him, thinking he had awoken her, but he said he thought she was cold. I was cold, so I said I would just get into bed, thinking snuggling with her under a down blanket would warm me up.

But no.

If we were having coffee, (beer), we would order another round. After about an hour in the tent, I called Cohiba to hold her and warm both of us up, but I had to use the restroom first. Then I got outside of the tent, and my fear of the dark intersected with my uncertainty about how far away to go and I just couldn’t do it. My hesitancy cost me body heat, and I was shaking violently when I got back to the tent – so badly that Cohiba was afraid I would not be okay to drive home. He tried to get me to get into a sleeping bag and warm up, but I knew I’d still have to pee i.e. be cold, and I wouldn’t hear of it.

He was really sweet about the whole thing: “Okay. Whatever you want. Don’t be sorry. It’s okay. Let’s get in the car.”  He told me later he thought I was verging on hypothermia and wasn’t in a place to be reasoned with.

If we were having beer, your eyebrows would still be raised from when I said the “p” word. I’m not pregnant, though I did pick up a test before I went back out to the campsite. What a story that would have been!

I would say that the good part was awesome snuggles I got from her. She had her arms wrapped around me, her legs wrapped around me, sleeping deeply. When Cohiba came back to the tent with his headlamp, her face was so beautiful.











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