Deserted Island Movies

Question of the Day: You’re stranded on a deserted island with a TV, five movies, and five complete TV series. Which ones do you bring, and why?

Fortunately, I am one of those people who can watch the same thing over and over and over again, unlike Cohiba who starts to come out of his skin when I watch something I showed him when we got together in ’09. And even though the question is only five of each, I still had difficulty thinking of them.


Clueless – Cohiba and I saw this movie together in the theater when it came out. We weren’t on a date, but both happened to be in the same theater with friends, so we sat together. It’s memory-filled and also, IMHO, still funny.

The Prestige – This story is so interesting that I love watching it.

BBC Pride and Prejudice – This is the best adaptation of an excellent story, and it will make me think of my mother, as she also loves this movie.

Would you believe I can’t think of any others? If I was stranded, I would be okay never seeing other movies again, except for Harry Potter. But since those are eight movies and I can only bring two more, I would rather not bring any.

But that would be okay, because I can select five TV shows, and that’s where my entertainment needs would really be taken care of.

TV Shows

BBC Sherlock – Let’s be honest: every single episode is like a short movie.

Battlestar Galactica – When I say this, I mean the reboot, but perhaps I mean the original series, so I would get both.  This is a case when I am happy to take something I haven’t seen (the original series) because I’ll be getting something I have seen (the reboot).

Doctor Who – Do I mean the original or the reboot? See above. I love Doctor Who. It’s a long series and will keep my imagination running.

Top Gear – This is also a long series, and funny, and the specials are awesome to watch.

Dawson’s Creek – I wouldn’t watch this as much as the other offerings, but this will be comforting as the days pass.

What would you bring?


In answer to the Question of the Day from Mars Gone Mad. (Thank you!)

2 thoughts on “Deserted Island Movies

  1. What great questions. I’m glad you didn’t say to pick just one movie or television series, because that would be impossible. My 5 picks are ones I watch over and over when there’s nothing else to watch. They’re my go-to’s.

    Black Swan
    Terms of Endearment
    Crazy, Stupid Love
    Gone With the Wind

    TV Series:
    Nurse Jackie
    Gilmore Girls
    I Love Lucy

    I have no idea what these say about me. That I like comforting TV shows and movies with strong, complex relationships? Hope that island has popcorn! 🙂

    1. I haven’t seen most of those-thank you for the recommendations! Gone With The Wind is a great one, because there’s so much in it! And I think, since this is a deserted island in our imagination, that there’s a popcorn tree. 🙂 Several, actually: caramel, salty, cheese.

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