Why I Like Being Facebook Friends With People I Barely Know

It is up in the air whether the Internets help or hurt people, and for a long while when I was on Facebook, I wouldn’t connect with anyone unless I knew them pretty well. Since Wee One was born, I have found myself Facebook friends with people I barely know, (though I still don’t become friends with people I haven’t met,) but there are several different kinds of “strangers” I like being connected to:

  1. Mothers around here. As a newish mother in a newish place, its harder to make long-term connections like I used to, the really deep ones. But I’ve connected on FB with some who I haven’t known too well, and have become better friends by connecting and chatting or joking with them on FB. Then we get together in person again, and a lot of the groundwork for friendship is laid. We can just get to business.
  2. Far off family members. I am FB friend with my mother’s aunt, who, obviously, I’ve met, but I don’t really remember. I know she’s Irene and her daughter is Little Irene, but that’s it. Now I know them better and they can see Wee One grow. Same with my Cohiba’s family. I have met most of them once at a family reunion, but because of  FB, we can still get to know each other despite only meeting once.
  3. Old friends, like from elementary school or church when I was a kid. I am FB friend with the son of my mother’s best friend from back them. He’s a little older than me so we weren’t friends as kids, but we share a lot of the same memories and now that we’re adults and reconnected, it’s nice!

What do you think? Are you FB friends with people you barely know?




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