Top Ten TV Shows or Movies

I’ve never done one of these, though one of the blogs I follow, The Bumbling Bookworm, puts these up faithfully.  This week, she said, the top ten topic is on T.V. Shows or Movies!  Huzzah! I feel like I can take part in this one!

And so I shall.  T.V. shows are in green, and the one movie is in orange.

1. Doctor Who. Clever writing, fantastic storytelling…

And awesome companions.

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Headlines or …?

I don’t remember exactly what the inspiration was, but since last night, I’ve been mulling over a new idea about news.  Like, The News. Tom Brokaw and the New York Times. (I know; exciting, right?  See why I had to tell you about it?)

I briefly heard someone talk about today’s news stories as something they go to for entertainment, rather than true information. Bread and circuses to keep us entertained. The implication was that current news stories are hyperbolic, a little bit made-up and sensational. As I type these words, I suppose in some sense, this is true, but… really?

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