Weekend Coffee Share #33 – So Much Adulting!


If we were having coffee, I would finally be able to tell you the Big News, the Change: We’re moving. I have talked about this before, but Cohiba took the job, and we are moving to Columbus, Ohio. It is bittersweet and hard, but we are doing it for family and Wee One, and it’s a great opportunity for our future.

But he left today!  He has to go (ironically) to St. Louis (The city we moved from last year!) for training. I’m gonna miss him and it sucks. But Wee One and I have some fun stuff planned for this week, and I have an Mom’s Night Out planning for Friday.

If we were having coffee, I reflect back on times of my life, like high school or college, and they were good times. Parts of them I miss. I try to think about what I would have done to keep those times, or be able to revisit those times, because I think I’ll want to do it again. Remember these times with Wee One, with being a new mother. Parts of this I will miss and look back on, I think, as the happiest more fulfilling days I’ve ever had. I have never been adored and trusted so much as Wee One does, and I have never never never been so in love with another being. Every day gets better.

Although, Cohiba and I were having cigar/wine last night and talking about plans for buying a house and things we want to teach Wee One, particularly as it relates to college. We are doing so much adulating! Gah!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’m rewatching Friday Night Lights, the series, and thinking about Kyle Chandler (because who wouldn’t want to think of him?) I first saw him in the series Homefront in junior high.


I wish that was released and available to get, like, on Amazon or Vudu or something. I would love to be able to see it again.

So I’m doing all this adulating, and then I’m thinking about seeing him back then and watching this show in which the characters are leaving for college and also seeing some of my little friends from fair are going off to college… Just a lot of thoughts rumbling around,  and I’m nervous about the next couple of weeks alone with Wee One, but what I’m also trying to create a more positive mindset for myself, and in that spirit: life is good.


How are you doing?







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