Weekend Coffee Share #32



If we were having coffee, we would have a lot to catch up on, its been so long since we’ve met. There something coming up in the future, I tell you, something I can’t talk out and announce yet, but it will Change Things.


It will change things so dramatically, and while I’m don’t want it to happen, I’m kind of annoyed it isn’t happening sooner. Does that make sense? I just want to “get on with it.” I have to take a deep breath and remind myself to chill out, something that has gotten easier – no. Not easier, but I’ve gotten better at it – as I’ve gotten older.

If we were having coffee, I can tell you I’m distracting myself by exploring around my area. I really like history and have visited a few small museums around here about the Native American tribes and the coal and lumber industries. I always thought of Washington as more a lumber place but my little town was a company town at the base of Squak mountain. Some of the old company houses are still standing, and that’s so neat.

Speaking of change, a lot is changing among our little social support nest we’ve created up here. One friend has moved back to Minnesota to be near family, another is pregnant, several others are or have gone back to work. Our babies are older and more mobile, which brings different challenges to getting together. It feels like this season of new motherhood is passing.

If we were having coffee, I would apologize, because I hate that expression, “this season,” like, “this season of life” or “you have friends for a reason or a season.” But it fits, and I was reflecting on this bittersweet truth while pushing Wee One’s stroller: This season of infancy, of new or first time motherhood has passed. I will never again be a first time mother, which is bittersweet!

And our little group of friends, the first time moms, all went through something really special and precious together. How lucky I have been.




Okay, your turn.

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