Bad Day Meme


I have long known this meme and thought it was amusing, but lately, while watching Wee One, I’ve wanted there to be another one.

I look at her now with such wonder and think, my own mother looked at me like this. My own mother thought I was an amazing beautiful miracle who is perfect just as she is. She isn’t perfect, obvi, but she is just right as she is. And I wish I could bottle that wonder up for her somehow.

If she’s like me, and I hope, in this way, she isn’t, she’s going to go through a period of hating herself. She is going to tell herself she’s worthless and ugly and that she doesn’t matter. I mean, she is literally going to look in the mirror and say it to herself.

A day might come when she’s not going to see the perfection I see, the amazingness in her. And I’m going to wish she could see herself the way I see her in these moments, splash her with the wonder I’m bottling up right now.

My “bad day meme” for her would say:

You are a being of joy and love, beautiful and exactly what is right with the world.

You are the brightest star in my sky.

Fuck everything else.*

And it would be against this picture:


*You can use this in your own Bad Day Meme. I mean, you aren’t a star in my sky, but you’re a star in someone’s sky.








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