Weekend Coffee Share #35


If we were having coffee, we would share a long hug, as it has been a long time. It’s a new shop we’re in, a new town. I have been to this shop before, outside of Columbus, and the chai is truly superb. I came here just recently, the first mom date I had with people since moving. This one went alright, but there will be more. It takes time to connect with people and find my group. I miss my friends in Seattle, and we toast to their health: Courtney, Lydia, Jenny, Midori, Beckie, Jessica, others and all the littles.

I didn’t stay long for that date (or rather, I was not sad to have an excuse to leave) because Wee One needed her nap, and I had to go look at houses. Because I’ve been house hunting. Christ have mercy, going out every day for several weeks. Fortunately, I really like I realtor. He doesn’t pressure us at all and is just fun to hang out with, so that makes it better.

If we were having coffee, I want to tell you about some of the houses, but it’s a little overwhelming. I highlight on a few, including several that are on two acres of land, and another one that was build in the 1890s. Its exciting and stressful, and I’ll be so glad to have it done.

It has been nice to have people around to help with WO, but it has been stressful, too. To move from our own home where Cohiba and I were the two main decision makers to a place in which we… aren’t. I almost feel like our life here is still on hold. I want to start finding out about preschool for WO, but I don’t know what district we’ll be in! Gah!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about a belly dancing class I’m going to drop in on Tuesday night. After fair this year, I decided to try it, and I want to see if I like this school. It would also be a good way to meet people. WO and I have started going to story time, and I connected with a mom I also see on the playground.







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