Living Out of A Suitcase

When we moved to Seattle in June, we had one month of corporate housing. I packed a suitcase for me and Wee One with everything we would need. Then we got our apartment and got the rest of our belongings.

When we left Seattle in September the following year, I again packed a suitcase for me and Wee One. However, since it was September, its a season with temperature changes. Also, since we’re living with his folks and not in corporate housing, we have longer than one month to find housing. Which is a good thing, because buying a house is challenging. However, this means I only have so many clothes, and sadly, I am not quite prepared for the coming cold.

First, winter was mild where I lived last year. Seriously, I showed WO frost through the window on Saturday morning because she had never seen it before. Second, I didn’t quite pack enough of the right things. I really thought we would be in a house sooner than this. I thought we would have our boxes and my sweaters and winter shoes.

On the other hand, I kind of love it. I have read about the idea of having a “capsule wardrobe,” and was interested. Having just several interchangeable and attractive pieces of clothing that you wear and just rotate. This makes room in your closet for other things, it eases stress because you don’t have to pick from ALL THESE CHOICES. I can attest, that last thing it true.

I have enjoyed having only a few things to choose from, all of which I like and feel good in. I may try to incorporate this more.

Though I wish I had some warmer clothes.


3 thoughts on “Living Out of A Suitcase

  1. I can barely even live out of a suitcase when I am traveling and living out of a suitcase. Having just a few items of interchangeable clothes is great in theory, but stressful for me in real life. I need variety. I pick my outfits based on my mood — which is why I usually pack wrong when I travel. I never guess the right moods.

  2. I would never be able to have a ‘capsule closet’ simply because I am incapable of packing light 😅 Seriously, even when I’m just going away for the weekend, the amount of stuff I end up pa king is insane! I wasn’t always like this, I used to be able to live out of a backpack back in college but ever since I had Lilly, I just can’t pack light anymore 😓

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