Pregnancy Pack

This is a verbatim chat between me and several of my girlfriends from last summer. All four of us have kids between 20 and 22 months. We are talking about the prospect of a second child, as we had just learned “J” was pregnant.
L: “You guys, I bought a dresser last weekend. “Good for you,” you’re thinking? A dresser for our pink room. The pink room that will be our next baby’s room (which we will paint if we have another boy.). That means I’m finally ok with the notion of having another kid. Crazy!! You guys’ baby dust business rubbed off on me. 🖕😜

L: That sounds like im currently preggo which i am not. Just would be ok if I were, instead if freaking out.”
S: “Oh wow! Wow, L! I’m thinking fertile thoughts for you! God love you, ’cause I sure do. xo 🙂
L: “I’m thinking fertile thoughts for you” lol S!
T: “Ha! That’s how I feel too – Hubs is ready and I wouldn’t freak out!”
S: “It would be so awesome if we all got pregnant around the same time, like next month. This month, whatevs, Augustish.”
 T: “Did we start a pregnancy pack? I think we just did. lol”
S: “Like a pregnancy squad?”
T: “There ya go. J is the leader lol!”
L: “Are the dudes always ready before the gals?”
S: “What do you mean?”
L: “For babies.”
T: “L, yes because we deal with the logistics way more I am convinced! lol”
L: “Hubs was ready when I was still in “wtf?!” mode!”

T: “When was that L?”

L: “April thru last week”
T: “LOL I love your blunt honesty!!!
T: Hubs wants now – I would wait until our daughter’s 2nd bday but really I told him we have to be in the new house and settled. This morning he woke up and was like ‘Guess what…..we are in the house and settled…and I was like you, L….shockingly not in WTF mode about it”
S: I told hubs, since we didn’t get pregnant this month, I was like, ‘next month, we need to attack this differently.'”
T: “Bahahaha S.”
S: “Like, we did it this way last month; now we need to do it this way. Better man up, Sally.”
T: “Attack!! Attack! Get ready, hubby!”
S: He was like, ‘ooowee, baby.’
 S: J and I were chatting the other day about whether or not I was pregnant, and right when I was typing, ‘I’m waiting to see how my boobs feel,’ she texted ‘how are your boobs?'”
S: Of all the questions my girl friends have ever asked: “How are your boobs?” is never one I got before.”
T: “Hey S, how are your boobs??”
L: “I love that we’re all looking out for each other!”
S: “Not hurting! How are yours?”
T: “Saggy per usual. 😉 Thanks daughter.”
S: “HAAAAA!!!!!!”
Next day. J reads what we’ve written
J: “HaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. Loving this baby loving crew!!!!!!!! LETS DO THIS !!! HOME TEAM💗💕💕😍
J: Oops! I peed a bit!! Ok will text later
T: “‘I peed a little bit’….can that be quote of the day? Yesterday’s was ‘How are your boobs.'”

Okay, your turn.

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