In Praise of Toddlers

Wee One is a toddler. So truly a toddler, and it’s only going to get more toddler-y as she goes. I’m more afraid of this phase than any other, I think. I’m afraid I’ll lose my patience or my way, that we’ll lose our bond or connection, and that we will start a lifetime of not liking each other. I wanted to keep positive details about toddler in my mind. To this end, I googled, “in praise of toddlers,” and sadly, didn’t find much.

So I’m writing something.


I found a few lists from individuals explaining what they liked about toddlers, and these are things either WO does already, or I’m looking forward to her doing:

  • The joy they get from small things
  • The way the butcher the English language
  • They have no filter, so the way they talk is the way they think. Source


  • They live in the moment,
  • They try so very hard. Nothing is stupid yet. They are not self-conscious. Just adorable.
  • Their wants are so simple. (This one I love. I love that I can still pick her up and rock her all is well, or I can nurse her and she’s basically set back to her normal self.
  • You (mommy/daddy/major caregiver) are pretty much a superhero. Source
  • So much learning.
  • Developing personalities
  • Non-stop chatter or, at least right now, just hearing her talk and seeing her gesticulate
  • Dance parties
  • Going to the park/outside. She runs with her little hands in the air and screeches with excitement about everything.
  • For my cautious girl, watching her open up and try new things. (Source)

Then I’m going to add my own reasons:

  • WO is loving, snuggly, and smiley. And she loves me, so much.
  • I love watching her little face as she’s studying something.
  • I love toddler kisses! And I love watching her play with my hair!
  • I love when she instigates games with me, like hide and seek or bite the elbow.
  • She gets so excited when I understand her sign language or her gestures.

And these are only some of them. What reasons do you love toddlers?







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