Onto The Next

When Cohiba and I moved to Ohio this fall, I said, when we get there, I’m going to give writing a more serious go. I have always really wanted to do it and now we have someone to be with Wee One. I meant to do more on this blog, which I am, but also in fiction.

For the first time today, I submitted my first piece to several competitions/publications.

This was a story I’ve been tinkering with since undergrad, so almost 20 years. I had it reviewed and critiqued on Scribophile, and made my final revisions, and here we are.

I know this is but the first step of many, particularly for a writer, so many of whom receive countless rejections before an acceptance, but I just wanted to mark the occasion I first started seeking either.

Now onto the next story. And thank you, friends, for reading and writing along with me. 🙂





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