Weekend Coffee Share #42


If we were having coffee, you would have waited to get my drink and a special croissant because it was my birthday – thank you! As it happens, I woke up early that morning shivering because I was drenched in sweat – I’m afraid I was having a hot flash! Boo! My grandmother went through menopause really early, her early 30s, I believe, though my mother did not. I really want to have a second baby.

Cohiba and I went out yesterday with some friends and I’m still feeling a little rough. My headache is pretty much gone, but it’s nice to sit quietly with you and sip coffee. It’s quiet in here, which I appreciate. You know how they say drinking affects you differently as you get older? Man, I was feeling it last night!

If we were having coffee, I would bring up something that may be depressing: the existential questions of life and time and purpose. I just had my birthday, my mom’s is coming up in a few weeks, Wee One’s is at the end of the month. Mom will be 60 – can you imagine? In my mind (and I told her this) she is still in her 40s. She said she doesn’t feel 60, either. Then I was thinking about how many years she has left, then how many I have left, and Cohiba, and how long we can be here for Wee One… I really get anxious thinking about that. When I turn 60, she’ll be in her early 20s. She’ll be so young, and I’ll need to be here awhile for her.

Time is a tricky bitch, and we should stop talking about this before we get morose. But no wonder people have a midlife crisis.

In other, less heavy news, I have started copying parts of my favorite books, and I’m writing it out by hand – in cursive! My cursive sucks and I really want it to get better. I asked my mom if she thought I could, and she said of course, that it takes practice. She suggested holding my pen differently, because right now, when I write in script, it looks like it did when I was 10.

Somethings never age, do they?








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