Toddler Development is Parent Development

I think it’s starting. The thing I’ve heard about. The “She just woke up one day and was totally different” thing. (And by different, mothers mean their child has attitude, sass, opinions.)

I think it’s happening with Wee One and since I’m struggling with life a little bit right now* and I have a headache today, it’s really hard.

I feared it would be an abrupt thing, like, literally, she would wake up and no longer be snuggly. I’m glad its not; I can integrate it better this way. Maybe even tell myself that it isn’t happening, or isn’t a big deal. That’s what I’ve been promising myself so far: “It won’t be a big deal, Sahara. You’ll grow with her and it won’t catch you off guard.” Other parents, how has it been for you?

Also, just today, I noticed that grandma has become WO’s favorite. I knew it would happen and I know she still loves me, but I’m jealous.

This is a massive bummer.

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*It’s the worst time of year: it’s almost nice enough to hang out outside, but not really. The sun is just mocking. I’m having a hard time with things and I know they will all pass, but right now, I feel judged and paralyzed and like I can’t be myself. I don’t feel like I can relax and spread out anywhere, except on this blog. So thank you.


2 thoughts on “Toddler Development is Parent Development

  1. It seems like that age and the almost tween stage are the same — all of the sass, attitude, etc. Plus I’m pretty sure LM’s teacher has dethroned me as being the smartest, funniest, most awesome person he knows. At least I got 8 years.

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