Zoos I’ve Visited

Day 26 – Z

Somewhere along this month, I messed up the days, so I’m pushing out two at once today, the last two, and this time, reflecting on zoos I’ve visited.

Growing up in St. Louis, I spent a lot of time at the zoo there. You see, the zoo is free. Completely free, and excellent. Like, on par with the San Diego zoo. When I was a kid in the 80s, my mother took me there all the time – we had no money or AC, and it was close, free, and we could go into air conditioned buildings.

She took me so much that I got sick of it and didn’t really go back until I was an adult. The last time I went I took Wee One, and we saw a car getting jacked just down the street. So there is that.

The second zoo I’ve been to is the Seattle zoo, which is really nice. And even nicer, while I was there the first time? I met James Van Der Beek. Seriously. Him, his wife, and his four (!) kids. Nothing is ever going to be able to top that.


Here is Columbus, I’ve been once. You have to pay to park, pay to get in, and there is no James Van Der Beek. That’s just a whole lot of bullshit right there. And the day we went, a lot of the animals were not out and the play area for Wee One wasn’t that good.

But I have heard from friend around here that getting an annual pass is the way to go, and WO is a little older – I’m willing to give it another chance. Stay tuned.

How about you? What do you think of the zoo? Have to been to St. Louis’? (Despite the car jacking, I really do recommend it.)

This is day 26 of the A to Z Challenge for April. If you are doing it, comment below and let me know what your post for today is! If you want to get regular updates about what’s happening at Didn’t Just Wake Up, click the follow button on the right hand side! No matter what, thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Zoos I’ve Visited

  1. When my kids were young I loved visiting zoos in different cities. It was interesting to see the different layouts and the different animals housed in each zoo. I’d grown up going to the Cincinnati Zoo and it never occurred to me that different zoos had other animals.

    I still love the Cincinnati Zoo and did see a celebrity when I was there: Melissa Gilbert, better known as Half-Pint on Little House on the Prairie.

    1. I remember Melissa Gilbert! You mention the different layouts, and I never thought about this until I got here, but I really appreciate how different zoos try to, like, make each area look like the native area. Like, it tries to make the area with the savannah animals look like a savannah, with the kinds of structures and plants you would see there.

  2. You never know – one day you might be across the pond in dear old UK and just desperate for a zoo to visit. If ever you are, check out the safari park at Woburn Abbey, where you drive through the animal enclosures – it will hold a very special memory for me. In the big cats enclosure a fully grown tiger walked elegantly down the road towards my car and rubbed its flank all the way along the side, right beneath me, so to speak. I have never seen anything so formidable, or majestic, or perfect, as that creature. The car rocked, in every possible way! If you prefer your animals the other side of wire or a ditch, Chester Zoo is brilliant, especially for the kids. For that pleasantly jaded, more mature atmosphere, Paignton in Devon.

    1. How fantastic that must have been! I have been to the UK, though a zoo was not on my list of “must sees.” (I was taking an unofficial tour of C.S. Lewis.) Perhaps it should be, though? What a great way to see a country! 🙂

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