“Too, mama.”

This blog post about, as the book calls it, the Precious Present, prompts me to reflect on and write about a small moment with Wee One today. It was just before I was going to lay her down for her nap, and we were laying on the bed together, singing songs.

We were spooning, her little body in front, her head on my arm. I told her that I would put her in her crib in a few minutes, but that I liked laying with her like that. She said, (what I believe is) “Too, mama.” As in, (again, what I believe is) I like laying with you too, mama. Her little face was facing mine, noses and foreheads close. She was sucking her paci and looking at me. Then she picked up my hand with her two small ones and examined it, which she does often. She put her hand in my palm and my fingers closed over it.

Like the title of the shared blog below, “this too will become a memory,” the sacred moment of love shared with my daughter will one day be a memory. But hopefully preserved a little better, now.

We race through life at a rate of one second per second, constantly picking up momentum as we go. Even if now, this present moment, is the most important time, it often doesn’t feel like it. We are all planning for the future, consulting the manual of experience that is our past, and trying to […]

via This Too Will Become A Memory — On Star Stories

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