Weekend Coffee Share #43


If we were having coffee, we would reflect on the passage of the summer. I didn’t think of OH as very much farther north than St. Louis, but it’s been much cooler. It also didn’t have the humidity; I think I underestimated the effect of the river confluence right there in STL. 

But more important than the dumb weather, I am having such a joyous time with Wee One. I love watching her play and enjoy the summer with her: Splash pads, ice cream, digging in the yard, sprinklers, climbing trees… 

If we were having coffee, I signed her up for a one morning program; I hope it will help with her speech. She’ll be around other little kids for that morning, and I’ll get to write. I’m also thinking about signing her up for Tinkergarden, but I’ll be with her through that. We went to a group session for someone who wants to lead it, and she had fun.

We wouldn’t talk politics because we each know what the other thinks. Our stomach’s have been in knots since November 8th of last year. We knew this would happen. We knew it would be a shit show. And even when the current president is out, as I believe he will be within the next year, the VP is a greater nightmare, in my opinion.

Which makes a good summer even more important.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #43

  1. I’m glad Wee One is having such a good time. These are the summers we remember when we are old, and there can never have been too much fun or sun. You’re right. This is one of those vital years when humanity clings to the last bit of blue sky before the storm shuts out the sun. I hope the best for you – and for us all.

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