The Final Countdown

For the past several years, I have set for myself a series of goals I want to get to, some more ambitious than others. In the years prior, I haven’t done a mid-year check-in on the blog, though I have checked it for my own interest and accountability.

Though that year is almost over, I’m going to do that “mid-year” check-in now. Next year will be better.

  • Do at least two months of blogging every day. I did it. April and August, I think were my other two months, and now I’m doing NaBlo. I have found it easier to post a blog every day now that I have done several of these months, and next year’s goal will build on that, I think.
  • Look into preschool for Wee One. I visited one pre-school. It would have been an every day of the week thing, she would have to be potty trained, and they didn’t have any extra help for her speech delay. None of it felt right to me, so I signed her up for a “Mom’s Morning Out” thing at a nearby church for one morning a week. It’s perfect. So I looked into it, and found something else.
  • Get pregnant. No comment. But, clearly, not yet.
  • Submit at least four stories for publication/contests.  I did one, and have been working on the second for the rest of the year. One thing I have learned through this process is that I am a crappy writer I have a lot to learn about my craft. So I’m learning.
  • Do one of those art/wine nights. Not yet.
  • Make five friends in Cbus. Check
  • Take a vacation. Done, and it was a beautiful time. Though my father-in-law passed away right after we got back into town, so I fear the memory of it will always be bittersweet.
  • Go to a political event. Done.
  • Make and use a homemade beauty product. Not yet.
  • Complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Not yet. I got a couple for Christmas last year and they are winter scenes. I didn’t feel right about doing them in the spring or summer, but now that its cooling off again, I think I can still get this done.
  • Find a farmer’s market here. You know, I haven’t really looked this year. There a Mennonite market nearby,
  • Learn how to juggle. (Specifically, be able to make it through five tosses.) Working.
  • Visit the Columbus Museum of Art
  • Take WO to Center of Science and Industry Done
  • Take WO to Topiary Park It was beautiful!
  • Keep a bullet journal I finally figured it out and may need to write a longer post about this, because it was something of an ordeal.
  • Hike at least two different trails. Yes
  • Bicycle 50 miles in one month. No. There are bicycle trails, but where I live, they just kind of ‘end.’
  • Find a faith community here. I found one that works.
  • Buy a house Not possible this year.
  • Get an annual membership somewhere. I got several!
  • (If we buy a house) Landscape a yard I even did some landscaping without buying a house!
  • Do something to hair: dye or wrap it. I cut it! Which wasn’t actually what I had in mind, but it will work.
  • Write annual goals for 2018 Not yet

2 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

    1. Well, if you notice, I allow a very liberal explanation for how I did them. I didn’t truly “landscape a yard,” but I weeded, planted a few flowers and pruned some lavender. That counts. 🙂

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