Pineapple Lovers, Beware. In More Ways Than One

Today I learned (#TIL) I learned something relatively significant, in my opinion, about the little neighborhood I live in.

Purchasing and/or displaying a pineapple is a “tell” that one is interested in the swingers lifestyle. You know, because of course.

So I got a knitted hat from this guy I train with at the Jiu Jitsu gym; it was a white elephant gift, but I really do need a winter hat and this one was kind of cool: hand-knitted and it had a cute little pineapple on it.

Knowing the group I was with, I was sure there was a catch. That he did something icky in the hat, or it was not really a hat but a extra large penis glove or something else outrageous. But it seemed okay.

I stopped by my friend’s house before visiting the grocery store while wearing the hat, and she giggled and told me it’s cute, but to be wary. For the above mentioned reason.

Now, I am not here to judge. I’m not. I have no right to tell someone else how to live when they’re not hurting anyone.


Let me know what I’m advertising before I advertise it! I have a much easier time showing the respect I think all people are due when I’m aware of what the messages are!



Okay, your turn.

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