It Has Been Five Years

Valentine’s Day – my anniversary!

I have been blogging for five years; I didn’t realize I started on Valentine’s Day! I Didn’t Just Wake Up has gone through a few overhauls, including a name change, briefly, and a bunch of redesigns. (I just did another one – what do you think?)

In these five years, I’ve managed to learn a few things, which I suppose bodes well for my overall life trajectory. First thing, I’ve found my writing voice, and I’ve found it by writing a lot of posts that I think suck. I don’t feel comfortable with them. I didn’t feel it when I was writing them, and it shows. So lesson number one: Write what you think is good. Otherwise it won’t be.

Second thing, it’s okay to not have a theme at first, like a main topic of the blog. I tried a few different focuses, and it might evolve some more. But for right now, I feel like a main idea is kind of emerging: life, Doctor Who, and social justice. That’s pretty good, IMO.

Last, while keeping up the blog is excellent to do regularly, but it’s okay to step away when you need to. Life sometimes gets in the way, or sometimes you’re just not in the mood, or you don’t have anything to say (see #1). Don’t beat yourself up for not writing and don’t apologize. Just pick it up again.



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