November Is Here

And while I used to hate this month, it has become more fun over the past few years as I discovered NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month and its jumpier cousin, NaBloPoMo – National Blog Post Month. For the month of November, people around the world will be scribbling furiously on their note pads and laptops, finally given the push they need to write their novel or incentive to get more active in the blogosphere.

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Top 10 Best Posts of Creo Somnium


These are the ten bests posts I like on this blog, though not necessarily the ones looked at most often. They are in no particular order.

  1. Last Words to my Dying Grandma

    It just so happens that this post IS the one most looked at. I look at Google search terms, and find that people google things about “death” “dying family member,” or “dying grandmother.”  But it made this list because I wrote it immediately after it happened, and I can remember it so clearly when I read it. That’s actually a common theme of the posts I chose: they all call back memories so clearly or in such a unique way that I love them.

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