Toddler Bucket List

My friend’s daughter is six and has a bucket list. On it is a beach where flamingos walk amongst you. She’s three or four years older then Wee One, so WO wouldn’t be down for that yet, but I got to thinking about other things that would be on her bucket list. These are the things she never says no to, no matter her mood seconds prior.

1. An entire room of trampolines. Walls, floor, everything.

2. Trick or treat every day. Or party, like a birthday party.

3. A never-ending bubble bath.

4. Bike riding with mommy.

5. Banging on daddy’s computer.

6. Cookies.

7. Janet’s house. Visiting our neighbor who dotes on her and has a cat.

8. Watching Puppy Dog Pals. Belle, Moana, even Mickey. Those are a crap shoot. Puppy Dog Pals is a guarantee.

I don’t even have a bucket list, but my kid does. Maybe I’ll adopt hers?


Okay, your turn.

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