Today was a tough day. I know I say I write to stop time, but this may not be the time I want to stop.

Wee One woke up early and was crying for reasons even she didn’t know, poor baby. I was getting her dressed for speech therapy, putting her shoes on while she sat on my lap, and she peed. And peed and peed through her dress, through her pants and through my pants. Which made her more upset.

And then speech therapy is often a challenge because, I’ll admit, I thought we’d be done with by now. I think she’s perfect, so what’s the problem? But it seems like we’re never caught up.

And then I spilled coffee on her coat and had to fight her to the car. But also, she got a surprise train set and we played and read books and it was snuggly giggly fun. So, Future Me, this day is now frozen for you. Enjoy it.

Okay, your turn.

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