A Day In The Life

A day in the life of Sahara, at least during the week.

7:00: Every day, I’m up at 7:00. Wee One bangs the bedroom door open and climbs on the bed, usually with toys. She might scamper over to turn the light on, but not often.

8:00: If WO has school, she’s off to school, and I’m usually back to bed.┬áIf she doesn’t, we’re playing in the living room.

9:00: One day during the week, I have a private Muay Thai lessons for an hour, which I love. My coach is awesome, he gives a shit about my progress, even though I’m a middle-aged mom, he works with my hip, and I love it.

10:00: Two of these days, I’m at an adult jiu jitsu class. It’s small and I like it. If WO is home, we usually go to the library.

11:00: Either getting home from MT/BJJ or I’ve been sleeping and I’m waking up. Shower or maybe write.

12:00: If WO is in school, the bus drops her off and I make us lunch and usually let her watch something.

1:00-4:00: Play with WO. Appointments, shopping, maybe a class for WO.

4:00 – One day a week, I hold a protest sign in a busy corner. I’m thinking about shifting my time given the winter chill.

5:00 – In this hour, usually dinner. My MIL might make it for the house, or I might make something for me and WO.

6:00 – One night a week, belly dance.

7:00 – Two nights a week, Mauy Thai or bible study, and MIL or Cohiba put WO to bed.

8:00 – 10:00/12:00 – Read or watch TV or whatevs. Often, though, I dick around on my phone while listening to an audio book. That’s actually better than any show.

During the weekends, Saturday is usually spent at the gym doing combat sports, and Sunday is at Church.

Okay, your turn.

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