Remember the Time…

You had your favorite-live-by-TV-show?

I had Dawson’s Creek.

It was the last teen soap that came out before things like cell phones and the internet really got big. I mean, they had started, but they weren’t really big enough to play a major part of the character’s lives like in Gossip Girl or whatever the kids watch now.

It contained the first male gay kiss on network prime time television. This was 20 years ago and a big fucking deal back then.

And the music. This started just after the first Lilith Fair tour and Sarah McLachlan and Indigo Girls and Liz Phair were everywhere and indie and awesome and this fit in with the aesthetic.

And I remember this was a time that I associated with the promise that women could do anything that was good for them, and it was okay. Women didn’t have to do what society prescribed, and it was okay.┬áIt was okay to leave a shitty relationship. It was okay to love who you wanted. It was okay to express yourself. It was okay to NOT be seeking a relationship and children.

What a time.


It was also the inspiration for the now-defunct but hilarious Television Without Pity website I mentioned a few days ago, which has been my go-to for a quick laugh and writing inspiration since 2002.


Okay, your turn.

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