My Daughter Wrote A Book

(Caution: The following is a slightly hyperbolic announcement of Wee One’s genius. Only slightly.)

My daughter wrote a book. She saw someone do it on Blue’s Clues and said, “Mommy, I wish we could write a book.” I said, “Baby, you can! I’ll help! You make the pictures and tell me the words you want, and I’ll write them.”

She pulled out a coloring book and got to work. (That wasn’t quite what I meant, but I didn’t want to interrupt her creative process.) I know you want to read it, so here ya go:


A gripping cover for those who, ahem, judge books by their covers.


There was an old lamb who had a butterfly. (An old lamb. So a teenager? And they befriended a butterfly.)


The pigs rolled in the mud all day long in the summertime. (Setting the scene. A typical summertime farm day.)


The little mouse would sniff the flowers, and found a friend. (Our protagonist.)


The horse carried the basket with the mouse to the field. (Ooh, action. Here’s where it gets compelling.)


So the mice could pick nice fruit. The End. (I’ll admit, I made the subject plural here.)


A beautiful back cover page to send the reader on their way.

A future classic, to be sure.








Okay, your turn.

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