Making Time

“You can’t simply throw away something artistic that you invested time and money on.”

This is a comment from my belly dance teacher when she told me she was no longer doing Zoom classes. Given COVID, I don’t feel comfortable going into her studio to practice, so I won’t be keeping up with it at all. She offered to give me private lessons for a discounted price since I’ve been a student so long, and I asked her, “WHY DO YOU TEMPT ME, WOMAN!”

I never thought about my dancing that way, and something artistic I was investing in for myself. At best, it was something fun my middle aged ass is allowed to do. But I started thinking about investing in creative pursuits.

The other day, I made roasted chickpeas. I’ve been wanting to for weeks, and it’s just been put off. Wee One wanted to go outside, but I said she needed to wait 30 minutes so I could get the chickpeas done. Then we went outside. I made time for it.

This school year, I decided for me and WO to keep a nature journal. So far, she hasn’t gotten so much into it, but I hope modeling it will help. Plus, I like it. I like making simple things special. It helps me be more aware and mindful through the day.

Making time for art.


I wrote that a few months ago, and have been frustratingly furious about fucking kindergarten! WO is supposed to play and be read to! Not have word problems and write stories! Fuck! So, so, we’re not nature journaling. <insert snotty voice> She has to do that for science lessons.

I’m still not dancing, but I do work with my Muay Thai coach a few times a week. We’re getting through it.

Okay, your turn.

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