A Nation of Battered Women

It’s kind of fun to have a whole bunch of draft posts that I haven’t gotten to and revisit. I stumbled on this one from November 2019, four sleeps before Election Day. Looking back, these were the halcyon days.

The impeachment hearings began last week, and if the next few weeks of testimony are like the first, it’ll be pretty damning. (Not that is fucking mattered.)

This is the second impeachment I’ve lived through; I didn’t pay nearly as much attention to the first one. I was a kid. I thought politics were stupid. I’m way more into politics now. (This is my first pandemic. I don’t like it. I think this is stupid, too, but I’m paying plenty of attention to it.)

Watching this administration and the way people are with it reminds me of an abusive relationship. The batterer (the President) will do something really bad, and the partner (his supporters, or many of them, at least) will be hurt and say they don’t like it, the batterer may ease up and be sweet and be not bad, and then SLAM!

I think when this is finally over and he’s finally gone, there will be a group of people who feel dazed and like, “What the hell just happened? That is not what I thought I was getting!” (And the gaslighting. God help me, the gaslighting.)


Happy fucking Halloween. I pray it doesn’t get scarier.

2 thoughts on “A Nation of Battered Women

  1. I was just thinking along these same lines yesterday! I read Mary Trump’s book; nothing surprising in there except the long string of dysfunctional family dynamics. Then I realized that all the women in the Trump family are basically battered women — emotionally, physically, politically. It’s the same old cycle that repeats itself until someone finally breaks the cycle. And the fact that there are so many women in the world right now who don’t recognize that is scary. How long will they allow a man like Trump and his ardent followers be so misogynistic without any consequences??

    1. Oh, for sure. And I was reading another article about how much machismo plays into Trump’s persona. Think of the way he denigrates mask wearers for being “weak,” and how “strong” he was for beating the ‘rona.

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