Election 2020

Jesus, I’m glad it’s over.

I mean, I’m glad the day itself is over. I’m sitting here in front of MSNBC watching the votes come in, and I’m having a few flashbacks from the 2016 terror when I popped in to see how Clinton was doing and say Trump’s lead grow and grow.

For a little while today, during the calm before the storm, IMO (because, nationally, there’s going to be resistance, no matter who wins) I felt very peaceful and proud of our engagement and voter turnout.

(Jesus. I just found out South Dakota is projected to be to Trump. Fucking COVID is going to kill everyone in that state; what the fuck are they thinking?)

But as I was saying, when I voted today, I have never seen a line so long at the small community church, and we’re on the edge of our little town, near farms, a ruralish area. I have never before had to wait so long. It was amazing, and I was proud. Proud of our engagement and hopeful that, nationally, we can pull ourselves to our potential.

(Oh shit. I just caught a tweet that so far today, Johns Hopkins has reported 86,492 new cases and 1,048 deaths. Today. Lest we forget this is taking place during a national health crisis. Surreal.)

Okay, your turn.

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