This week is the last week before Wee One’s (WO) winter break. We’re halfway through kindergarten. Phew!

When we start again, some of her classmates will have opted out of the online lessons for more stuff in-person, so right now, her teacher is preparing the kids for that.

The other afternoon, her teacher (KR) read them a story that was very special to her, and talked to them about relationships and connections made over a lifetime. What would happen if one thing or another was a little different? Would the connection still have been made? Or is it just a magical and serendipitous moment?

She started tearing up a little bit here, and I’ll tell you, I did, too. She had not planned on teaching kindergarten again. She had moved to the part of her career where she was starting to mentor other teachers and work to help the school district make improvements. But as we are going through a pandemic and she is immunocompromised, she chose to teach online.

She talked a little of the value of the lessons learned in kindergarten-these are lessons WO will use her whole life-taking turns (via Zoom), not giving up, trying new things… As I was listening I thought back to the beginning of the year. I was so sad and disappointed WO wouldn’t have the kindergarten I thought she should. One like I remember and have seen. I was sad I wouldn’t get to be the parent of a kid in traditional kindergarten and watch my big girl walk into the building or come to a cheesy program.

But listening to KR, I thought, rather than having the kindergarten I thought she should have, she’s having exactly the kindergarten she needs. She’s learning and having fun, and I can’t imagine it working any better.

What a reminder to have faith.

Okay, your turn.

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