Did You Color My Lenses?

I got some news tonight. It might be nothing, it might be something.

With apologies for being so vague, I’m not ready to share the details. But it manifested itself in one of those phone calls/conversations that comes with News. News that can Change Things. Hopefully, you only have a handful of those in your life. Conversations that draw a line between Before and After.

Even if it’s not one of those time, the conversation has left me thoughtful, as though the lens through which I see something has been changed. Or cleaned. Or colored by a marker by my kid, I don’t know. I’m thinking differently and wondering about making different plans. Has that ever happened to you? What did it change, if you feel comfortable sharing?

I felt the need to WordPress this moment, just to have to look back on should things change.

One thought on “Did You Color My Lenses?

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