Will This Make Me A Better Writer?

Did you know that Hunter S. Thompson, in effort to be a better writer, would spend time at a typewriter rewriting such books as A Farewell To Arms or the Great Gatsby? That is so cool.

Has anyone ever done this? A quick google search found it listed in a number of articles, including this one on the Art of Manliness website. I read its called “copy work,” and this was the way children learned about punctuation and penmanship.

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Living Out of A Suitcase

When we moved to Seattle in June, we had one month of corporate housing. I packed a suitcase for me and Wee One with everything we would need. Then we got our apartment and got the rest of our belongings.

When we left Seattle in September the following year, I again packed a suitcase for me and Wee One. However, since it was September, its a season with temperature changes. Also, since we’re living with his folks and not in corporate housing, we have longer than one month to find housing. Which is a good thing, because buying a house is challenging. However, this means I only have so many clothes, and sadly, I am not quite prepared for the coming cold.

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Share Your World – Pet Rocks and Outside

Hello friends! It’s time to share your world again! I’m actually a little late to this game this week, maybe barely getting it in, but I’m about to move and so things are getting hectic. Share your answers with me or better yet, with the original poster!

Have you ever owned a rock, pet rock, or gem that is not jewelry?

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Five Senses of Motherhood

To quote and adapt from Shakespeare: “Did my eyes see till now?” “Did my skin feel till now?” etcetera.

My husband emerges from the walk-in closet, sporting a pair of wrinkled green dress pants and a collared shirt that can only be described as candy apple red. “Does this match?” he asks with a note of uncertainty, standing before me like a contestant on the firing line of What Not to Wear. I respond …

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