Favorite Rituals (and Nothing Gets Slaughtered)

Sacred: “means revered due to association with (with something) considered worthy of spiritual respect or devotion; or inspiring are or reverence”

I believe that all rituals, religious or otherwise, are sacred. Rituals connect us to a deeper current within humanity, something we are all connected to, and I think that current is God, or part of God. So I love rituals, though I don’t often focus or think about their place in my life. Therefore, I’m glad to think about them in this (albeit late) response to a daily prompt.

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Art of Impermanence in Coffee

I was recently looking up other blogs about rituals and thinking about that, particularly concerning coffee or tea, and I heard a story on  National Public Radio (NPR) this morning that led me to something beautiful.  The story was on Japanese tea in the 15th century, and when I went to their website to see the story, I connected to another story about coffee art.

How could I drink of this cup?! (Source)

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Tiny small wee business opportunity?

The coolest thing just happened!  I work in a city, moderately sized, and there are several coffee joints nearby.  I also knit/crochet in my spare time, and I talked to one of the places about selling crocheted coffee coozies (cosies, whatevs), and they said yes!  I was so nervous to bring it up to them, but they said okay!

I didn’t even think about this part, but the owner brought up that Christmas and stuff is coming close, and the people that work in the nearby business buildings often have holiday parties and other gift-giving sessions, so they might need something quickly.  She said, “You could put it into a nice kind of packaging…” The kind of stuff I hadn’t even thought of!

Now my mind is all abuzz with packaging and color ideas.  I’m excited!