36/36 Challenge of 2014

For 2014, thanks to inspiration from a fellow blogger, I have created a list of 36 things I would like to do/see/experience, one for each week of (the rest of) the year (I wrote this on April 22nd). Since this is a blog meant to foster creativity and inspiration, things I would like more of in my day to day life, many of my 36 tasks relate to creating.

In Progress


  1. Write up research and send it to one publication (Not possible for the study I was working on.)
  2. Finish first draft of novel (Not Yet.)
  3. Sell crochet items, Sustainability Sleeves and ‘Cessories, at one craft fair OR at a second shop (Began working on a Esty shop; still in progress.)
  4. Develop this blog, as measured by getting to 148 followers (Not yet.)
  5. Sing at the St. Louis Renaissance faire. Either a duet with the Bard or solo in the Scots camp (Done! But not how I thought.)
  6. Complete 10 pencil drawings – full pages.  Not just doodles, either (Nope.)
  7. Finish 20 pages of art journal (1/20) (No.)
  8. Take one selfie every week, for fun (2) (It actually wasn’t that fun, so no.)
  9. Read a Pulitzer prize winning book (No.)
  10. Write a Gonzo-Style story with at least three scenes (Nope.)
  11. Go to at least one new Renaissance fair this year DONE!
  12. Go to Disney World two more times this year (Unfortunately no! Work schedules and pregnancy kept coming up!)
  13. Organize my wedding memory stuff – DONE, and read about it!
  14. Scrapbook the Ren Faire stuff Modify: Make a Leine for next year’s garb. (Not yet.)
  15. Get to level 25 in League of Legends (22/25)

Since creation and imagination generate energy, physical activity is the best way to manifest the fruit of our creative labor.  It also feeds the energy back into ourselves: The body fuels the mind.

  1. Do yoga 16 times in one month No.
  2. Bicycle 84 miles in one month (june – 42.6) (After June, I came up pregnant and had to be careful of how high my body temperature was. In the fall, I started to become afraid of what would happen if I fell. I was also exhausted.)
  3. Try one food I’ve never tasted before every month (1-Artichoke hearts; yum! 2-Mint; So tasty! 3- Olives. I”m getting there. 4 – Frog legs; not my thing.  /8)
  4. Go to the farmer’s market at least 6 times this summer (NO! After I became pregnant, vegetables because my number one enemy.)
  5. Grow my own herbs, at least basil (Done!)
  6. Hike 12 new trails (No. Pregnant. Too tired.)
  7. Find a new doctor – Done!
  8. Find a new dentist – Done!
  9. Get eight hours of sleep for one month. (Need not be consecutive nights, but that would be nice.) (6/30)
  10. Stand-op paddle board at least once this year (Unfortunately not, but I day dreamed about it.
  11. Climb one tree this year (No.)
  12. Do two weeks of tai chi exercises (1/14)

Finally, there will be things that pertain to everyday life.

  1. Get a different job (Done! But not in a way I expected!)
  2. Get a new bloody phone (>sigh< No.)
  3. Get a dog (Not yet.)
  4. Move to a different place – either in this town or out of state (No, but we did make a decision about what we’re going to do, which was the actual point of this task.)
  5. Go out with just the girls at least five times (4/5)
  6. See parents/family once a month (3/8)
  7. Merge finances with Cohiba (Done! Again, not in the way I expected.)
  8. Go to the drive-in once this summer (Nope)
  9. Make a new list of 52 things in 52 weeks for 2015 (I did! It’s the 51/51 Challenge!)

If you would like to join me in this challenge, please do!  Write in the comments section what you’ll be doing and/or provide a link to your blog, and I’ll post a link on this page so other people can easily find you and cheer with you! I’ll Doesn’t matter in you find this page in May or August or December – it’s just great that you want to start something! I look forward to reading about the things you want to do and read about your adventures while doing them! Let’s inspire each other!

7 thoughts on “36/36 Challenge of 2014

  1. I used to type these kinds of lists for myself and put them on my fridge many years ago. I did end up making many of my goals. The buying my own house one did not turn out how I planned it, but the others not so bad. Good luck and God bless!

    1. Thank you for checking it out! I find I’m having trouble pacing myself, now that I know what I’d like to do and write about by the end of the year. Some of these things need to be done before others, but I’m not focusing on them like I should!

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