Are We Going On Vacation??

Day 23 – V

Vacation Destination

You guys!! I think we’re going to Disney World at the end of the month! For those of you who don’t know, after a far away trip when I was five, I didn’t start going to Disney World until I was with my now-husband Cohiba, who took me on a getaway weekend during a particularly year of grad school in 2011. (It was this weekend, according to Facebook memories – six years.)

I had so much fun with Cohiba that we went back multiple times, including to get married in 2014! I was a Disney bride! Then we got pregnant right away, and life caught up with us, and we haven’t been back since.

We’re talking about going now, and taking Wee One with us. That means we’re not going to be able to do it like we used to – running around Magic Kingdom playing Sorcerers of the Kingdom and Drinking Around the World in Epcot (which we have down to a science and we’ll probably do it a bit, even with a toddler.) This means we’ll spend less time at the parks, probably coming home for naptime and earlier for bed. We’ll spend more time at the resorts themselves and Downtown Disney, and get a baby sitter one or two night for me and Cohiba.

‘But Sahara, she’s only two! She won’t remember anything!’ Probably not, but it is for purely selfish reasons I want to take her now: Everything she sees right now is delightful and exciting. She screeches and gasps with delight and I want to see that on her face. I want her to point excitedly and to play with the toys on the Winnie ride with her. I want to be around her glee and love her.

Also, as I’m looking around right now, on different blogs and the Disney website, I realize there’s a whole other part to Disney I haven’t seen yet!

If you want to talk Disney, I would love to hear about it! Have you been with a toddler?

This is day 23 of the A to Z Challenge for April. If you are doing it, comment below and let me know what your post for today is! If you want to get regular updates about what’s happening at Didn’t Just Wake Up, click the follow button on the right hand side! No matter what, thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Are We Going On Vacation??

  1. Disney World is fun. No matter what age you are when you go there. I haven’t been there in years, but now that you mention it… we should plan a vacation there. I think that a 2 y.o. child’s reaction to it all will be priceless & you’ll take photos of your daughter so while she may not remember the details she’ll have some memories of it. Enjoy!

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