4 Phrases That Should Die a Natural Death

Pop culture being what it is, there are things that cycle in and out of fashion, like clothes, music genres and verbal phrases.  There are, at present, a set of phrases that should be stricken from everyday use.

1. “It is what it is.” No shit. Why tell me that?


You know what else? It ISN’T what it ISN’T.  Work that one out.

2. “All the feels.”  This one is freaky as hell. It sounds like there are a dozen creepy-ass hands coming from everywhere. Ew.

Are we talking emotion or erotica?

3. “Mind: Blown.” – How many times can one person’s mind be blown?  ‘Cause I’ve heard it, like, 20 times from one person.  The first time was funny. The other 19 were not.

blow mind

4. “I see what you did there./See what I did there?”  Again, this was another one-hit wonder. It was good for one use, and now it just sounds like you have no creativity.

Only under these circumstances is this pronouncement acceptable. And you have to wear a wig, too.


Are the popular phrases, either those being used today or in the past, that drove you crazy?  What were they? (I won’t use them on you, I promise.)


Update: And then I found this blog post about another gem of a phrase: “…or nah.” I did have a link to his post, but he was an asshole about it so …”or nah.”

6 thoughts on “4 Phrases That Should Die a Natural Death

  1. I used to get irritated and roll my eyes about OMG but I’ve gotten used to it now. I like the pictures you used to accent your piece!

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