Express yourself to respect yourself (TM Madonna)

Okay, so the response to this prompt about not being able to verbally express yourself is kind of a gimme.

After my car accident and the coma, I had word finding problems, which is common for head injury.  That didn’t make it more manageable at the time. It took me sooo long to get a sentence out, because I was trying to remember what I wanted to say!  I felt so awkward with my friends because I felt so damaged and inadequate.  My friend Darren from rehab was such a blessing for me during that time, ’cause we both spoke slowly, so I didn’t feel inadequate around him. I also remember the frustration I felt at not being able to communicate with others, and fearing that I wouldn’t get better; that I’d be trapped inside myself.

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Just As I Am

In response to the daily prompt: Too big to fail: Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).

A large way that human beings develop and grow is through imitation and watching other people. A problem, though, is this learning-by-comparing eventually brings with it feelings of stress and inadequacy. I’m afraid I am privy to those feelings as well.

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