Isn’t She Quaint? Showing Love

Whenever I’m around my mom or my MIL, I often find myself feeling unsteady, though I couldn’t quite put my finger on how to explain it. Today, I realized that there’s a scene from the show Firefly that seems to show it well.

(What? You haven’t seen Firefly? Surely know that if you watch it, any ailment you’re feeling in your body is miraculously healed and a puppy is saved from being kicked. So go watch it. I’ll wait.)

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“Do you know what your sin is, Mal?” “Aw hell, I’m a fan of all seven.”

To come up with a sin that Mal Reynolds would be proud to own, that is how I read today’s prompt.

Also, there is a stage at the Bristol Renaissance Fair that has the seven sins painted on the back of it, and this sin needs to be worthy of a painting with the others.

So, a trait or behavior that I find unacceptable. Gum popping? I hate that. Malapropisms?  Those kind of drive me crazy, too, especially when I hear them a lot. Small talk? My INFJ personality hates that, though I know it serves a purpose.

I think the eigth sin I would declare is snorting.  I don’t mean the I’m-sick-and-I’m-doing-my-best-to-keep-up-with-it-kind-of-snorting that we all have now and again, but the I’m-too-lazy-to-blow-my-nose-so-I’m-just-going-to-suck-it-into-the-deepest-recesses-of-my-brain snorting.  <shudder>

I don’t want to see that painted in Bristol, and Mal probably wouldn’t like that one, Classy Captain Tightpants, but I think that would be it.


Top Ten TV Shows or Movies

I’ve never done one of these, though one of the blogs I follow, The Bumbling Bookworm, puts these up faithfully.  This week, she said, the top ten topic is on T.V. Shows or Movies!  Huzzah! I feel like I can take part in this one!

And so I shall.  T.V. shows are in green, and the one movie is in orange.

1. Doctor Who. Clever writing, fantastic storytelling…

And awesome companions.

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