Weekend Coffee Share #40 – Ohio Winter


If we were having coffee, it would be because you got on a plane and flew here from another place. I have not really made friends out here, and that’s kind of sad. I met with a mom and her son earlier this week, one I have talked to before, and it was nice. I’ve also started going to an open playtime at the local community center, just to let Wee One run off some steam in this dead of winter (more on that later) and climb and play on things we don’t have at Casa In-Laws.

I am there, grinning like a happy fool, trying to make eye contact with other mothers and start a conversation. I do that until I really do feel like a fool and then I stop, but I know I need to “put myself out there” to meet people and make friends.

If we were having coffee, we wouldn’t talk about the weather too much, but we would a little bit because I hate it. It was not cold and nasty like this in Seattle, and I miss being able to go outside without my face hurting. (Having said that, I know Seattle had a pretty mild winter last year and they’re having some wacky shit now, so…)

So, you know this because you also have children, that, while they are required to be in a car seat, you should not put them in their seat with a coat on. The straps should be snug and even the give from the puffiness of a coat makes it very unsnug and far less effective. Which means I either take WO to the car without a coat, or I take the coat off once I get to the car (while she’s sitting inside so as not to get to cold) and put it back on after I arrive at my destination and unclip her (also while she’s sitting inside the car, and preferably while it’s running and staying warm.)

What. A. Pain. In. My. Ass. Is it better in a minivan? Because I think that’s going to be our next car, and that would be something nice about it.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about my writing efforts. I recently started working on a new story, energized by the one I submitted last month. Also, since the adage suggests, “If you want to be a good writer, read,” I have some books out from the library.

Apparently, this is charming and old-school, and Cohiba told me he thought I was cool.  “Nobody goes to the library anymore.” He said, even though he’s met my mother. That is an awesome feeling.

How was your week?




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