Mindfulness During College Football Playoffs

Lucky me, I married into a football family.  My husband isn’t into it so much, but I love it, and one of the best part of getting together with his

I watched a whole lotta football on the 1st, and it was awesome. As a Tiger, we watched (at my request) the MIzzou/MInnesota game, and halfheartedly watched the Oregon/Florida State game, and then, the ‘Bama/Ohio game. What a glorious day.

In the midst of this football orgy, during the fourth quarter of the Auburn/Washington game, it occurred to me how closely I was paying attention to each move. Who was carrying the ball? Was that a first down? An interception? Was that a penalty? Is that the offensive team?

I realized how much I was focusing. Time slowed down, and I was aware of all parts of the game. This is something sought after when practicing mindfulness – to focus one’s awareness one the present moment. Perhaps when I”m trying to practice mindfulness on my day-to-day life, I can call to mind the feeling when I’m watching a good football game.

One thought on “Mindfulness During College Football Playoffs

  1. I’m afraid when I watch English football (you call it soccer) emotion takes over. The tactics and the science are there, but it is the injustice and intervention of fate that attracts me. I used to ignore the ‘Beautiful Game’ purposely, but like taste in opera, all things must change.

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