Handsy Shpitzing

Here in Columbus, Ohio, toddler story time is offered four times a week. (In Seattle, it was just once. This is nicer.) When we go, they sing different songs that have little motions to them, and one of them is called “Finger Poppin’,” set to the tune of a big band tune I can’t name. As you sing, you do a little things with your fingers, like you’re trying to flick water in someone’s face. (Is that just me?)

But I have a problem with that.

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Two songs that have made my summer

You know how songs call back memories?  I love that (I mean, usually. Sometimes the memories are bad and I don’t want to see them again.)

For this summer, I think I already have my song(s). The first is “Magic” by Coldplay. I don’t know how old it really is, but it was the background music in a video about the St. Louis Renaissance Fair this year. It’s dreamy, soft and other-worldly, just like my memories of the summer and the fair.

Or, the song would be “Moyturra” by Pictus, and Irish drum and bagpipe group, kind of local. My renaissance guild leader knew about them and recruited them to play during our Celtic weekend at the Faire. They used our camp as a home base, and even performed played one of their shows under one of our covered areas when the rain was too bad. Now, whenever I hear this song, I am standing by the tree behind the crowd next to my friend Jason, and we’re both standing in the drizzle, watching this band play their hearts out, watching our glen fill with people. It was gorgeous.  Go to their website and check them out!

What would your song be?

The Jealous Dog song

This is a fun challenge; I’ve never done something like this before!

Right now, he’s probably home snuggling with that fuzzy new pup and

Look, she’s jumping on the sofa.

Right now, he’s probably making her some juicy ham bread

‘Cause she begged for a loaf-a.

Right now, he’s probably walking with her to the dog park

showing her the fountain spray

And while he’s away…

I  chewed up the corner of the shoe

That his dear old  momma brought him from the bou-

Tique in Rome that she found at  a meet and greet.

I tore my sharpest little paw down the side of the wall

  Scratched a hole in the bed and all

Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats.